Puddles and Parking

We were going to the store on a snowy sleety day. The family spots, which I won’t be able to use soon, were full. Right behind the family and disabled parking, normally stock full, there were 3 wide open spots, right next the the store. Why? Because a large, shallow puddle encircled all 3 spots.

Most families, and people, see the puddle, they slow down. If you look close enough you might be able to see the gears turning in their head. Is it worth it, they ask themselves. They show their non committal to the challenge because their car never actually stops, just slowly rolls by. You know that moment when they decide it’s not worth it because the slow motion car suddenly returns to driving speed and they start searching for the next available spot.

Then along comes the outdoor family. Now, I must admit, the challenge is not so great as for other drivers as the entire family has left the house outfitted with rain boots, for no other reason than it is habit. Instead of considering a challenge the driver sees the puddle and smiles. As she opens the car door the smiles are replicated as the children look down and see the giant puddle that envelopes the car and the squeals and splashing begin as the children secretly hope it takes a long time to get the next of child out.

And as the driver wrangles the kids towards the store, with the promise of the puddle still being there when they get back, the short 3 second trip inside means safer travel for the children and less time for them to escape in the parking lot before being locked in the cart.

That is a win – win situation.

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