Living Forest, Living Museums

Learning in the woods provides so much for me and my children because they are totally immersed, using all of their senses to learn. We also believe in living books and living museums as they accomplish the same kind of learning.

We had a visit today to a living museum that had a special showcase in construction trucks and farm equipment from years gone by. The children were enthralled with the steam run constructions trucks as they watched them move dirt and pick up logs. They got to sit in them pretending to do this themselves as well. They were pulled by the newer version of the tractors and were able to pet the work horses that used to be tractors.

Through this experience they are able to create a space for themselves within this work, within this time. A historical version of place based learning. Our afternoon so far after has been filled with little farmers and construction workers playing, reading stories like Mike Mulligans steam shovel, and asking questions.

Inquiry learning starts with proposing questions problems or scenarios and goes from there. Just like Forest School Living Museums present a great opportunity for children to start the process of wonder and see where it goes from there.


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