Kids Outdoors Just Naturally Follow the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum

We had our first Field trip with two classes from Marchmont Public School in Orillia. It really inspired my soul to see these 3-5 year olds dive right in and play creative, play messy and play with eachother in a world full of iPads, 300 TV channels, the kids connected with nature in their own way, in their own comfort and then pushed themselves to the next level. It was a great success no matter how you measure. Here are 5 of the ways it was a great success!

1. Projects – from beautiful fairy houses to building bridges to shelters from the rain the kids worked together to build, create and beautify.






2. No one went home clean – from muddy pants to muddy hands. And I won’t ever forget the group that had an old fashioned water fight!



3. Screaming, yelling and chanting. “Mud is Great, Mud is great” was my favourite.

4. Mud Pies – there was more mud pies, soups and stews than I could count.


5. Sharing, talking, listening – it was great to hear the kids really working things out – from offering to share materials to listening to who wants to participate to working together to build projects the kids respected each other and tried to help where they could!


Through child directed play based learning they met 72 Kindergarten goals over 12 areas in the projects, 43 Goals over 8 areas in the Mud Play, 35 goals over 8 areas in the screaming, yelling chanting, 70 goals over 12 areas during mud pie making and 39 goals over 6 areas during the sharing, listening and talking!

Children outdoors just naturally follow the kindergarten curriculum!

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