Place Based is the ground in which learning takes root

Last week at Forest Kindergarten…

Place based education is focus for the kids this week as all the benefits of it are starting to take root within the class. Place based education is developing a relationship with your local forest or natural area. From this relationship everything is born – inquiry based learning, interest in the forest and their learning (academically, socially, physically) and capabilities within it both ecologically, historically and culturally. True holistic learning.

The kids are enjoying the changing of the seasons, building their own relationship with our forest. From jumping in puddles to throwing the leaves to collecting acorns and plantain by name. They can navigate to our main classroom by themselves and request their favourite camps instead of waiting for me to list their options when they want to adventure out. The seek comfort in their own sit spots for a quiet moment and also run through the woods using the trees as an additional playmate when they are full of excitement and energy. They also look to the trees, the rocks and the stream to learning to trust the environment and trust themselves to make decisions about their limits and capabilities.



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