There’s a chill in the air, rain falling to the ground and kids enjoying the woods!

This Last week at Forest Kindergarten…….

The last week of October brought take me outdoors day on Wednesday which we celebrated every day this week!

From our Forest Kindergarten program, to our Outdoor Toddler Playgroup and our Kindergarten teacher hosting a special Halloween party in the woods for Homeschoolers this week we felt it important for kids and their families to get out for at least two hours for not just one but every day this week and didn’t want anyone to miss the celebration! The idea of the day is to talk about the importance of getting outside and wanted to share this message with everyone.

It was a rollarcoaster of a week from temperature to weather! From almost twenty degree weather to single digits, from rain to dry weather – we loved every day! The warm weather was nice for the parents to relax while kids got to run in the woods with just their costumes (no coats or mitts!) which was very freeing for this time of year.

Some of the days brought a crispness that wakes you up better than coffee.

And of course we love our chilly rainy mornings. The kids feel so proud to make decisions to keep themselves warm with extra mittens, hats and clothing coming on and off as needed. We have such great families who provide plenty of warm cloths for the kids to make these decisions. We also love that there is no public car access after the drop off area so kids can listen to their bodies and safely run ahead when they need a burst of speed to warm themselves up. We find that the kids, when given the space do very well at listening to their bodies signals around not just warmth but snack and self regulation. It’s fun to see the adventures they make up to get warm (running), shelter from rain (hiding in trees) and slow down for self regulation (still/quiet activities) – such running from Forest beasts to sheltering / hiding from them, to panning for “minerals” to enjoying fall leaf play it was a fun week!

With the temperatures dipping and more rain over the next few weeks we are so looking forward to enjoying the last of the fall crisp wet weather before seeing what winter will bring!

Some of the fun we got up to this week! Outdoors!











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