Play based learning More than the three R’s

This last week at Barrie Forest Kindergarten….

Play based learning has to do with more than learning math or science it has to do with learning about ourselves, our emotions and being with others.

One of our boys suffered a loss this week and the next day at Forest Kindergarten he became a wild wolf grunting and banging into “walls” of snow. The others joined his “wild play” being foxes and wolves. At first they would walk as animals towards him and back up as he growled playing a child directed form of what time is it Mr Wolf. Eventually they were able to coax him to come rejoin the group and enjoy a “meal” with them.

This being done through the context of child directed play allowed the kids the safety of play to “pretend” to comfort this wild wolf and bring him back in the group for solace. This allowed the boy to play with and start to become comfortable with his emotions of loss. It also allowed him to play at finding comfort and acceptance with his friends



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