Fall Days in February

This last week at Forest Kindergarten

When you go out to the woods today there will be a great big surprise…..

The children found leaves under one of our sheltered areas!
Just the finding of leaves seemed to make this week go from a chilly see your breath exploration time to a relaxed, warm fall exploration.

From leaf fights, to leaf pushing machines. From counting and leaf art to saving the special ones for Mom and Dad in the backpack the kids were excited about their find. Each child had their own discoveries to feel amazed at, feel proud of and path to follow to the next discovery. At Barrie Forest Kindergarten we want each child to choose their path not because they want to be with the teacher but because they have a curiosity and a confidence to see where their curiosity leads. This is the key to intrinsic motivation and a love of learning.

My job as a facilitator is to encourage when asked, scaffold if necessary and to allow each child to be where they are at so they can appreciate both themselves and their discoveries as well as appreciate their fellow students and their discoveries.




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