Seasonal Rhythms



This last week at Barrie Forest Kindergarten……

This week one of the posts on our page garnered some attention when it was shared on Explorations of Early Learning about the relaxed schedule of a child directed day. 

Some thought it chaotic or too inconsistent. This was my reply to that concern:

“Most who follow a routine with kids can not fathom what this looks like. They see chaos, they see no order they see no continuity because they believe that these things have to be imposed by adults. In reality our day is set by a rhythm set by the kids. Things like gatherings, snack, quiet time usually follow a pattern.

Children are people too and crave the same habits, routines and familiarity as adults.


Much like us they do better following their own routines (how many people would do well being told where they can buy their morning coffee in the morning before work or that they couldn’t at all versus following their familiar routine).”

This week at Forest Kindergarten has brought home this idea not so much on the day to day but on the macro level of seasonal rhythms. One of the seasonal rhythms the children immerse themselves during season change in is a return to sensorial play and locomotive play. They seems to sense this will be their last chance to lay in the chill of the snow, to purposely loose and catch their balance on a patch of ice, to break something (ice and snow chunks) without worry of hurting something. They also seem to enjoy the magic of the new season – excited to throw things in the pond that just earlier this week was covered in ice. Being able to run on the dirt ground without worry of slipping on it or getting stuck in deep snow.


Every stage of play and learning exist to allow for learning, understanding and growing. Children come into this world with all the tools to learn, experiment, understand and teach. It is a magical process to watch, and I am sure they would say a magical process to be immersed in.




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