Field Trips

We provide some of the benefits of Forest Kindergarten in a Forest Kindergarten taster session (play based, inquiry based, place based learning in nature) to students who can not get out in a natural forested area on a regular basis with their class or for teachers who are looking to learn new skills when using a play based child directed approach. Teachers pick one area to focus on to deepen their learning – Child directed learning outside and how to document, Loose Parts, Play Theory and how to document, Risk/Challenge Play or inquiry based learning.

We provide public or private Kindergartens that use play based, inquiry based learning a chance to experience their learning outdoors in a naturally forested area. We root this experience in the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum by showing teachers how to apply their learning to curriculum goals met during the play based forest session. The sessions will be facilitated to provide training and insight on the challenges and unique use of child directed play and learning in nature as part of an inquiry, play based approach. The goal is that teachers will take what they learn be me more confident linking the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum when they follow up with visits using the same techniques in their own local nature area or outdoor classroom.

We have half day 3 hour experiences where the children and teachers benefit from the philosophy of child directed learning and teachers are given the tools to be able to implement this in their own classrooms and outdoor spaces. The children will provide an activity in nature the Barrie Forest Kindergarten staff will root in the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum with the teachers as they learn how to document the learning.

2019 Availability

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