Workshop Schedule 2017

COEO Make Peace With winter  – 

Let Them Play Series

Nippising District, Ontario Concluded

Play Empowers 

Risk Play/Challenge Play in the Early Years

Adamstown, Maryland – Concluded

Private Conference 

Forest Homeschooling

 Mattawa, Ontario – Concluded

COEO Fall Conference

Let Them Play Series

Rama, Ontario – Concluded

Hands in the Dirt 

Loose Parts

Midhurst, Ontario – Concluded

2018 Workshops

COEO Make Peace With Winter – 

Inquiring Minds

Nippising District – January 12-14

Play Empowers

Risking it All (Formerly Risk and Challenge Play in the Early Years)

Fredrick, MD – April 6-8

Barbara has 20 years experience in developing and training professionals and parents on child directed programming and techniques. Barbara Sheridan founded and is in her sixth year of being lead teacher at Barrie Forest Kindergarten and Nature School, she is a co-host for Dirty Playologist, a podcast produced by Early Learning Explorations, and a resident writer for Play Empowers.  She has received her Forest Kindergarten Teacher training, a Child and Youth Work diploma, a Degree in Psychology and is  currently pursuing a Masters in Education focusing on innovation, creativity and sustainability as well as a Forest School level three from Archimedes in the UK. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience to you.  Please explore our workshop section or contact us if you would like us to explore a new topic.

We offer workshops with educators on how to include play and inquiry based learning in your classroom. We also provide workshops that include elements involved with innovative learning with your students (risk, self regulation etc). Workshops are customizable to your audience so we can tweak current workshops to suit your group or we can work on a new workshop topic you think would be of interest to your group.

Let Them Play 4 Part Series

Ontario has come out with a new innovative program for students in the kindergarten program that encourages play, inquiry based learning and innovative learning practices. This series benefits not only teachers in the Ontario school boards that teach kindergarten but also pre school and primary teachers in Ontario and outside Ontario who want to follow teaching practices that include more facilitation, play, inquiry and innovative learning. 

Workshop Series (90 minutes each or 1 full day for all 4)

1. Problem Solving and Innovation in a Primary Classroom

2. Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics in an Innovative Primary Classroom

3. Who’s in Control? Self Regulation and Well Being in a Primary Classroom

4. Community classrooms. How to facilitate student belonging and contributing to the classroom. 

Single Workshops (90-120 minutes)

Inquiring Minds – Inquiry based Learning

Risking it All (Risk Play / Adventure Play in the Primary Years)

Child in PlayThories of Play and how to document it

Loose Parts – Let them Loose!